Migrating workshops

Migrating workshops

The migrating workshops are a series of bottom-up scientific events organized by different groups of psychologists in the Danish universities, started in 2015. They are meant to build an informal network to exchange idea and edge developments in psychology, as well as to promote early-stage researchers and provide a learning opportunity to advanced students.

The events cover a wide range of topics and interdisciplinary studies, such as cultural psychology, theoretical psychology, developmental sciences, everyday psychology, life-course studies, epistemology and history of psychology, etc.

Each group voluntarily organizes a workshop n accordance with the local theoretical interests and goals, informing others and inviting them to participate for in-depth discussion of ideas, resulting in a joint publication.

For further information about the initiatives, please check the workshops calendar or contact one of the local groups. The network warmly welcomes every scholar who is interested in the activities.

For the Centre for Cultural psychology, please contact: Luca Tateo.