Centre for Cultural Psychology



The Centre for Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University is the first research centre in the World specifically designated to the investigations into Cultural Psychology.

The centre unites the efforts of Danish scholars interested in joint research on cultural psychology (through the network of Affiliated Research Fellows).The centre organises the work of the International Masters Programme of Cultural Psychology and Social Practice and is the home for the first international doctoral and post-doctoral network in cultural psychology.

Thanks to our research, the centre will be able to provide the knowledge required to develop the cultural-sensitive model of understanding the higher mental processes in the context of diverse human activities and to implement both policies and small-scale interventions.

We are especially interested in developing joint international and interdisciplinary research projects. In particular, the Centre for Cultural Psychology expertise, according to the theoretical approach of Cultural Psychology, is to elaborate qualitative formal models of the processes through which persons and collectives construct the representation of their everyday activities, experience and elaborate goal-oriented and value-laden individual and collective actions. The centre can provide ways to study and assess the self-regulatory semiotic mechanisms, avoiding the problem of cross-cultural comparison and adopting a idiographic and context-sensitive approach.

The vast international network established by the centre can also provide a scalable and flexible partnership in different fields of psychology as well as social and human sciences. We warmly welcome partnership initiatives from European and extra-European countries. Any preliminary contact can be established through our academic officer. 

Morten Kattenhøj, Coordinator Centre for Cultural Psychology, Department of Communication and Psychology Phone: +45 9940 3177. E-mail address: mkat@hum.aau.dk

The countries marked with red in the map below indicates where we have collaborating partners.


Morten Kattenhøj Project Coordinator, Niels Bohr Professorship Centre for Cultural Psychology Department of Communication and Psychology Phone: +45 9940 3177 |Website: http://www.ccp.aau.dk/ Aalborg Universitet| Kroghstræde 3, 4.219 | 9220 Aalborg Ø | 

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