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Creativity — A New Vocabulary

Creativity — A New Vocabulary

Creativity — A New Vocabulary proposes a novel approach to the way in which we talk and think about creativity. It covers a variety of topics not commonly associated with creativity that offer us valuable insights and open up new and exciting possibilities for creative action.

Last modified: 10.03.2016

Editors: Vlad Petre Glăveanu , Lene Tanggaard Pedersen, Charlotte Wegener

This collection of essays challenges the 'traditional' vocabulary of creativity and its preference for individuals, brains, cognition, personality, divergent thinking, insight, and problem solving. Instead, the book proposes a more dynamic and relational perspective that considers creativity as an embodied, social, material, and cultural process.

This book will be useful for a wide range of specialists within the humanities and social sciences, as well as practitioners from applied fields who are looking for novel ways of thinking about and doing creative work.

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The editors are affiliated with Center for Qualitative Studies.