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Visit from the Danish National Research Foundation

Last modified: 19.04.2016

On April 13, 2016 five representatives from the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) and its board visited the Niels Bohr Professorship Centre for Cultural Psychology at AAU for a follow-up meeting.

The purpose of the visit was for the DNRF to meet the members of the centre and see the surroundings of it, to learn about the successes of the centre, to listen to and understand our barriers and see if they could assist us in overcoming them, and to share experiences from the other Niels Bohr Professorships.

At the meeting, four members of the centre made short presentations of their work and how the centre has influenced it. This was followed by an informal meeting between the five representatives from DNRF and first the present post-docs and PhD students at the centre and then with the Niels Bohr Professor, the project’s Researcher-in-charge, the Head of Department, and administrative staff involved in the project. The selected main topic for the meetings was internationalisation.


DNRF: Søren-Peter Olesen (Director), Gitte Tofterup Hansen (Special Adviser).

DNRF Board: Liselotte Højgaard (Chair, Denmark), Eivind Hiis Hauge (Norway), Eero Vuorio (Finland).

CCP: Jaan Valsiner, Christian Jantzen, Lene Tanggaard, Svend Brinkmann, Jens Mammen, Vlad Glaveanu, Nikita Kharlamov, Luca Tateo, Giuseppina Marsico, Steffen Ernø Jensen, Sanna Schliewe, Jensine Nedergaard, Sarah Awad, David Carré, Galina Angelova, Lærke Kure, Morten Kattenhøj.

International Guests to CCP: Dany Boulanger (Canada), Irina Mironenko (Russia), Gordana Jovanovic (Serbia), Virginia Dazzani (Brazil).

AAU: Anette Therkelsen (Vice Dean), Mikael Vetner (Head of Department), Joan Vuust (Project Administrator).


Jaan Valsiner

Jaan Valsiner and Christian Jantzen

Luca Tateo

David Carré