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The Centre for Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University is the first international research hub dedicated to investigating in the field of Cultural Psychology and cognate disciplines. The people at Centre for Cultural Psychology promotes an intense activity of peer-reviewed book series and international journals publishing. In this page you can find information about our editorial initiatives.

Cultural Psychology is the science of human beings studying the higher mental functions in their historically and socially situated developmental trajectories. Research at the Centre for Cultural Psychology focuses on the qualitative study of individual and collective phenomena expressed through the products of human meaning-making activity, such as creating, imagining, remembering, dwelling, learning, crossing, travelling, making art, and caring. The centre’s staff aims at going beyond academic compartments (education, development, social, clinical, etc.) to focus on the processes that by definition are not cuttable into disciplinary “slices”.

Our work at the centre is thus highly interdisciplinary and counter-hegemonic intellectual programme of Cultural Psychology which is cultivated through a restless search for innovative ideas and a high scientific productivity. The centre’s staff edits a number of international peer-reviewed publications to provide innovative, visionary, reckless, rigorous, and competent researchers with the possibility of participating in a scientific endeavour of developing future ideas.

Each of the centre’s publication channels is characterised by its specific aims and goals, but they are all understood to innovate. We warmly invite authors, especially early-stage researchers, to develop their ideas with us, to visit the centre in Aalborg in Denmark and to submit their work. We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in inter-disciplinary work between psychology and humanistic or developmental sciences. For each publication channel, you can find below, the contact person and the website.  



Culture & Psychology

Culture & Psychology

Editor-in-chief: Jaan Valsiner

Publisher: Sage

Culture & Psychology is a leading international peer reviewed journal of scholarly contributions, integrating various aspects of the general notion of culture with scientific psychology. Read more.


Frontiers in Psychology: Cultural Psycholgy

Frontiers in Psychology: Cultural Psycholgy

Editor-in-chief: Yulia E. Chentsova Dutton, Associate Editor: Carolin Demuth

The section in Cultural Psychology offers an outlet for work that focuses on the ways in which culture shapes psychological and physiological functioning, and vice versa. Articles published in this section examine aspects of culture that encompass meanings and mental processes (e.g., behavioral norms, values, beliefs) and/or practices and the material world (e.g., symbols, behavior, cultural products). We think of culture as involving both widely shared intersubjective representations and unique ways in which individual people engage with their local social contexts.  We also see culture as dynamic and non-essentialist, emerging through repeated interactions with the social and physical affordances of daily life. Read more.


Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science

Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science

Editor-in-chief: Jaan Valsiner

Publisher: Springer

This journal explores the cultural nature of human conduct and its evolutionary history, anthropology, ethology, communication processes between people and within -- as well as between -- societies. It integrates perspectives of the social and biological sciences through theoretical models of epigenesis. Read more


Psychology & Society


Editors-in-chief: Brady Wagoner, Seamus Powers, Julian Oldmeadow

Psychology & Society is an online peer-reviewed and open access journal that focuses on how the social world shapes psychological functioning and vice-versa. The journal publishes theoretical, methodological and empirical work that contributes to the knowledge of how the social world and the psyche are intertwined, interrelated and interdependent. Read more.


Human Arenas. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Psychology, Meaning, and Culture

Human Arenas

Editor-in-Chief: G. Marsico; L. Tateo

Publisher: Springer

The aim of this journal concerns the interdisciplinary study of higher psychological functions (as topic of a general theory of psyche from the perspective of cultural psychology) in human goal-oriented liminal phenomena in ordinary and extraordinary life conditions.  Read more

Book series

Advances in Cultural Psychology: Constructing Human Development

Advances in Cultural Psychology

Editor-in-chief: Jaan Valsiner

Publisher: Information Age Publishing

In the beginning of the 21st century, a new direction has been emerging at the intersection of developmental and social psychologies, anthropology, education, and sociology - which has become labeled cultural psychology. This fits the vast global social processes of most countries becoming multi-cultural in their social orders, and the World becoming one "global village" - with the corresponding need to know how different parts of that "village" function. More information.


Springer Briefs in Theoretical Advances in Psychology

SpringerBriefs in Theoretical Advances in Psychology

Editor-in-chief:  Jaan Valsiner

Publisher: Springer

SpringerBriefs in Theoretical Advances in Psychology will be an extension from the currently renovated Annals of Theoretical Psychology in the direction of bringing short, single (or multiple) authored theoretical advancements across all areas of psychology to the international audience. The focus is on the development of innovative theoretical approaches and their discussion. Read more.


Theory and History of Psychology

Editor-in-chief: Jaan Valsiner

Publisher: Transaction

This series integrates international, interdisciplinary, and innovative perspectives in contemporary psychology with other social sciences. Its focus is on little-known thinkers of the past whose work helps create new psychological perspectives. The core concept is that psychology’s history can inspire new directions for the field and new ideas for application to social and psychological issues. Read more.


New perspectives on theory and psychology

Niels Bohr Professorship Lectures in Cultural Psychology

Editor-in-chief: Brady Wagoner

Publisher: Information Age Publishing

This book series publishes the outcome of the annual Niels Bohr Lectures, in which leading cultural psychologists are invited to present new ideas for the development of the field. Read more.


Annals of Cultural Psychology

Annals of Cultural Psychology

Editors-in-chief: Carlos Cornejo, Pina Marsico & Jaan Valsiner

The Annals of Cultural Psychology is a serial edited volume to be published yearly. It is developed as a complement to its brother series, Advances in Cultural Psychology: Constructing Human Development. Both series stem from the family of cultural psychology—a discipline that examines how human experience as a whole as well as experiential components—thought, behavior, feelings, etc.—are culturally organized—through semiotic mediation, symbolic action, and/or accumulation and transmission of inter-subjectively shared representations of the life-space. More information


Annals of Theoretical Psychology

 Annals of Theoretical Psychology

Editors-in-chief: Craig Gruber, Jaan Valsiner, Mathew Clark & Hroar Klempe

Publisher: Springer

The Annals of Theoretical Psychology is devoted to understanding theoretical developments and advances in psychological theory. This series is designed to further the dialogue on theoretical issues in the field of psychology and to unify the discipline through a theoretical synthesis of ideas on key issues of debate. Read more.


Springer Briefs in Psychology and Cultural Developmental Science

SpringerBriefs in Psychology and Cultural Developmental Science

Editors-in-chief: Pina Marsico & Jaan Valsiner

Publisher: Springer

SpringerBriefs in Psychology and Cultural Developmental Science will be an extension and topical completion of IPBS: Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science Journal (Springer, chief editor: Jaan Vasiner) expanding some relevant topics in the form of single (or multiple) authored book. The Series will have a clearly defined international and interdisciplinary focus hosting works on the interconnection between Cultural Psychology and other Developmental Sciences (biology, sociology, anthropology, etc). The Series aims at integrating knowledge from many fields in a synthesis of general science of Cultural Psychology as a new science of the human being. Read more.


Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture

Editors-in-chief: Vlad Glaveanu & Brady Wagoner

Publisher: Palgrave

This interdisciplinary series advances our knowledge of both creativity and culture by contributing to theory and research within the emerging field of the cultural psychology of creativity, at the intersection between psychology, anthropology, sociology, education, business, and cultural studies. Read more.


Innovation in qualitative research

Editor-in-chief: Luca Tateo

Publisher: Information Age Publishing

The peer-reviewed volumes promote innovative forms of doing and theorizing qualitative research (in psychology, sociology, anthropology, developmental sciences, educational studies, philosophy, etc.) that fruitfully interact with humanities and different forms of art. Read more.

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