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Book cover: Imagining the Past, Constructing the Future

Imagining the Past, Constructing the Future

Imagining the Past, Constructing the Future focuses on integrating theories of imagination and memory and explores the developmental principles of cultural psychology. Editors: Maria Lyra, Brady Wagoner, and Alicia Barreiro.

Last modified: 08.03.2021

This book takes a sociocultural, developmental and dialogical perspective to explore the constructive and interconnected nature of remembering and imagining. Conceived as cognitive-affective processes, both emerge at the border of the person and his or her socio-cultural world. Memory is approached as a functional adaption to the environment using the resources of the past in preparation for action in the present. Imagination is tightly related to memory in that both aim to escape the confines of the concrete here-and-now situation; however, while memory is primarily oriented to the past, imagination looks to the future. Both are embedded in the exchanges with the social and cultural milieu, and thus theorizing them has relied on key ideas from Lev Vygotsky, Frederic Bartlett and Mikhail Bakhtin. 

Thus, this book aims to integrate theories of remembering and imagining, through rich empirical studies

  • in diverse cultural settings and
  • concerning the development of self and identity. These two groups of studies compose the subparts that organize the book. 

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Brady Wagoner is a member of Center for Qualitative Studies and the Centre for Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University.

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