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Memory in the Wild

Memory in the Wild

This book explores the complex relations between practices of remembering and the settings in which they are enacted. Edited by Brady Wagoner, Ignacio Bresco de Luna and Sophie Zadeh.

Last modified: 22.04.2020

The book advances a novel set of concepts developed from ecological, cognitive, cultural and narrative currents in psychology and further afield. It analyses (1) trajectories of autobiographical remembering, (2) the interplay of individual and collective memory, (3) memory and cultural transmission, and (4) methodological techniques to investigate memory in the wild. More information at the publishers web page.

Edited by:
Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University
Ignacio Bresco de Luna, Aalborg University
Sophie Zadeh, University of Cambridge

Brady Wagoner and Ignacio Bresco de Luna are both affiliated with the Centre for Cultural Psycholog.