Centre for Cultural Psychology

Centre for Cultural Psychology

The Centre for Cultural Psychology is dedicated to research on psychological functioning within dynamic social contexts. Cultural Psychology is an expanding field with a primary focus on the mutual constitution of people and society. This includes exploring the entanglement of Culture, Communication and Mind in human lives.

The Centre has emerged from the former Niels Bohr Centre of Cultural Psychology, funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. Being located in the Department of Communication and Psychology, it seeks to unify perspectives from both of these areas, as well as neighbouring disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, history and philosophy

The activities of the Centre include research projects, conferences, seminars and discussion groups, guest lecturers and various publication outlets (viz., journals, book series etc.). With cultural psychology as a point of departure, the Centre is an open arena for meetings and cooperation across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, aiming to stimulate the cross-fertilization between academic perspectives.

The Centre is currently connected to the Masters Programme of Cultural Psychology and Educational Practice, and the Ph.D. Programme in Cultural Psychology and Social Practices at Aalborg University. It is also the central node of a vast international network of scholars in cultural psychology and related fields, serving as a platform for international scholarly exchange. We welcome interested scholars of various backgrounds to join our activities and contribute to fruitful discussions aimed at advancing the field.



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In keeping with the ancient Greek idea of a symposia, we will once a month read and discuss a classical or neo-classical text of relevance to the research areas in our department. The symposia will be held on Fridays from 14.30 - 16.30/17.00, and will be held at Nordkraft, room 11.15. More about the friday-symposia.

PhD track in Cultural Psychology and Social Practices

PhD track in Cultural Psychology and Social Practices

The doctoral track in Cultural Psychology is meant to enhance the scholarly competence in, and widen the practical usability of, different trends of cultural psychology. Read more

Centre for Cultural Psychology

Aalborg University
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Kitchen Seminars

The K-seminars (abbreviation from "kitchen seminars") are an informal international think-tank in cultural psychology that was first established by Jaan Valsiner in 1997 as a space for free constructive discussions of unfinished research projects and first ideas for new research efforts. More about the K-seminars...